Book review – Hyperbole and a half

As I’ve become more and more interested in graphic novels recently, I came across this fun, colourful, quirky book called “Hyperbole and a half: unfortunate situations , flawed coping mechanisms, mayhem and other things that happened” by Allie Brosh.

author:       Allie Brosh
publisher: Square Peg 2013
pages:        369
layout:        bright, yellow cover, every chapter in differently coloured pages, thick paper, good                             quality print
price:           12.27 € as paperback at Book Depository

Allie Brosh has an award winning website where she publishes her comics (which I didn’t know anything about before I bought this book) and included some of her most popular ones as well as some new ones in this graphic novel.

It tells the story of the authors life and different situations she looks at in retrospect and makes fun of, regrets and explains. She talks about her childhood, her dogs, her depression, her dogs, and a goose.
I read this book expecting a laugh-out-loud story with hilarious comics and that is what I got. But what I didn’t expect and found nevertheless, was a very personal insight into Allie’s feelings and her depression, which left me a bit uncomfortable because it felt like a very intimate experience, but at the same time made me learn about the concept of depression and understand it much better.
I also really like the colourful pages and the thick paper, which gives the impression of very good quality. The bright and happy cover makes it stand out and the dog looks super cute. Just look at it. I want  to squish it.
In conclusion, this book is a fun read, you might learn a few things, you’ll laugh a lot and it looks very nice on your shelf 🙂

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